10th October 2018

MPG Launches Liquid Cash Fund with Bespoke Credit Card for Investors

•The Fund invests in global currency portfolio and leverages an algorithm with strong track record

Managing Partners Group (MPG), the international asset management group, has launched a cash fund that also offers investors an optional credit card secured against their invested assets. As such, investors will be able to use it as a cash fund offering a high rate of interest.

Liquidus FX Fund (the "Fund") invests in a balanced-managed currency portfolio that leverages an algorithm with a strong track record. This algorithm is used by MPG to manage a portfolio of proprietary assets and it has delivered an annualised return of 25.56% since September 2013.

The Fund, which is suitable for institutional, qualified and high-net worth investors, uses short-term money market and derivative instruments such as forward currency contracts, index swaps and options and cash deposits. Its strategy has no initial bias to market direction and uses a comprehensive structure of proprietary algorithms that use momentum and a mix of diverse, high-probability technical analysis indications for purchases and sales.

The Fund has one share class, the US dollar FX strategy share class, which aims to achieve long-term capital growth and provide investors with the opportunity to withdraw regular income.

The minimum subscription is US$100,000. Subscriptions of US$250,000 and above allow the investor to apply for an Insignia credit card, which includes a range of additional benefits, including quarterly billing, 24/7 dedicated personal assistant, emergency assistance access to airport lounges, a private jet programme, lifestyle boutique and premium travel insurance.

Jeremy Leach, Chief Executive Officer, Managing Partners Group, commented: "This is a highly versatile product with an impressive investment process and track record, so institutional and qualified investors can earn a rewarding return on their cash holdings with monthly liquidity. Back-testing the strategy produces a return of 200% over the last five years."

"High net worth investors have the added option of accessing their assets through an Insignia credit card with quarterly billing and all the added benefits that it offers, while the Fund can also be included in a personal portfolio bonds, wraps, self-invested personal pensions and QROPS."

The Fund is an open-ended mutual fund domiciled in the Cayman Islands.

MPG is an award-winning company, having been named the 2018 Alternative Investment Firm of the Year – Europe by The European business publication, while its High Protection Fund won the Best Diversified Fund (Five Years) and Best in Insurance-Linked Investments categories in the 2018 Corporate USA Today Awards.

MPG is a multi-disciplined investment house that specialises in the creation, management and administration of regulated mutual funds and issuers of asset-backed securities for SMEs, financial institutions and sophisticated investors. It currently manages funds with a gross value of $500m.

For more information on the Fund see: www.liquidusfxfund.com.

For more information on Managing Partners Group see: www.managingpartnersgroup.com