30th October 2018

MPG Recognises Talent in Malta’s Financial Services Industry

Rebekah Psaila, Risk Analytics Officer at MeDirect Malta, the country’s third largest bank, demonstrated her financial acumen when she scored top marks in the assessment following a course delivered by Richard Ambery, General Counsel, Managing Partners Group (MPG), at the Malta Stock Exchange Institute.

Jeremy Leach, Chief Executive Officer at international asset management group MPG, presented Rebekah with her iPad prize at the Group’s office in St Julian’s.

Jeremy Leach commented: “MPG is delighted to recognise Rebekah’s achievement. She was the highest scoring student by some margin and she clearly has a bright future. She is a great example of the talent that exists in Malta’s financial services industry.”

Richard presented a three-session course on principles, markets and terms of securitisation transactions. The MSE Institute runs over 100 courses and seminars on a range of subjects ranging from introductory courses to more specialised subjects such as risk management, securitisation, trusts, compliance and regulation, hedge fund strategies and corporate governance.

MPG is an award-winning business, having been named the 2018 Alternative Investment Firm of the Year – Europe by The European business publication, while its High Protection Fund won the Best Diversified Fund (Five Years) and Best in Insurance-Linked Investments categories in the 2018 Corporate USA Today Awards.

MPG is a multi-disciplined investment house that specialises in the creation, management and administration of Cayman Islands regulated mutual funds and issuers of asset-backed securities for SMEs, financial institutions and professional investors. The wider Group currently has over $500m assets under management.

for more information about Managing Partners Group see: www.managingpartnersgroup.com

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